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Project SEARCH offers clients the opportunity to develop valuable and transferable work skills through an on-the-job vocational training program and job placement program.

Project SEARCH Goals: Our goals are to expose each intern to a range of jobs in hospitality, government, human services and other settings that offer training and development of meaningful transferable work skills. The Project SEARCH model empowers every participant to gain experience that will build their résumé; to make it possible for graduates to seamlessly move into a job development phase; and, to see graduates secure gainful employment. EBI’s support doesn’t end there. Once an individual is placed in a job, we provide on-the-job support and training for as long as needed.

Worksite Rotations: Interns build both academic and vocational skills through “hands-on” work experience in various departments throughout the host business. These paid student  internships involve complex but routine tasks, such as, assembly, clerical, data entry, insurance verification, document filing, courier, sterilization, stocking and environmental services. Project SEARCH graduates will have opportunities to participate in up to three departments during their training.

Typical Day for Project SEARCH Interns: Project SEARCH interns attend the internship program five days per week, Monday through Friday, typically from 9:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. with a 45-minute lunch.

Employment Outcomes: Project SEARCH has been instrumental in dramatically raising the bar for employment of individuals with developmental disabilities Nationwide data show an unemployment rate of 92% for individuals with disabilities, with more than half of the 8% of individuals with disabilities who are employed, earning less than minimum wage. Graduates of Project SEARCH are earning, on average, 80% above the Federal minimum wage and 65% of them receive health benefits through their employers.

Project SEARCH Graduates have gone on to work for the following employers: Alameda County Public Defender’s Office, Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, Department of Public Health, Primus Power, Tiburcio Vasquez Medical Services, Ed Robert’s Campus, Alameda Alliance, Eden Medical Center, East Bay Innovations, Lowe’s, Nob Hill Foods, Child Unique Montessori, World Institute on Disability, Alameda County Law Library, La Clinica de la Raza, Macy’s, Safeway, and many more.

Project SEARCH Eligibility: Applicants must be at least 22 years of age by the specific program start date or graduated with a high school diploma, have an active case with the Regional Center of the East Bay, must be able to utilize public transportation and be able to meet the health, background and code of conduct criteria required by business site. Most importantly, applicants must have a commitment to work and demonstrate the ability to learn the tasks offered by the site with the available support of 1:4 ratio, and maintain excellent attendance and professionalism. Applicants will be reviewed and eligible applicants will be called to arrange interviews.


County of Alameda Project SEARCH

The County of Alameda Project SEARCH is a collaborative program with the Oakland Unified School District. Interns who are accepted to this site will also be enrolled in the Oakland Adult & Career Education Program.

Interns will build on existing computer and written communication competencies, and develop professional skills for success. Classroom activities at the County of Alameda will be taught by a teacher from OACE. Department of Rehabilitation provides funding for the OUSD teacher and Job Coaching through East Bay Innovations is funded by RCEB.

The program runs February through January each year. Administrative tasks performed by interns will include data entry, alphanumeric filing, digital filing of employee documents, scanning, indexing and other administrative project assignments. 

Project SEARCH Claremont

Nestled in the historic Claremont Hotel and Spa in Berkeley, this Project SEARCH site offers interns a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of hospitality. Throughout their internship, participants will gain valuable experience by supporting daily hotel operations, and building essential customer service skills. With an 86% average job placement rate for graduating interns, Project SEARCH builds valuable and transferable work skills and sets interns on an exciting career path.

This program runs January through December each year. Some of the tasks include assisting the housekeeping department, working in the kitchen supporting the Chef, assembling amenities for the guests, working with children in the childcare center, working in the laundry; washing and folding items, working in the Spa as a locker room attendant. 

Project SEARCH Stoneridge Creek

Our newest Project SEARCH program is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of talents in the hospitality and human services industry. Collaborating with the leadership team at the Stoneridge Creek Senior Living Community, this program offers interns an immersive experience in customer service, food service, and environmental services. As with all Project SEARCH programs, interns will spend a portion of each day working collaboratively in a classroom environment developing professional skills for success. Interns will have an opportunity to apply their skills within three site rotations throughout the year. Classroom and site based job coaching support ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Throughout their internship, participants will gain valuable hands-on experience such as bussing tables, or assisting with stocking, food prep and plating in one of three property restaurants. Other tasks may include linen care, sanitation, and property maintenance. Project SEARCH at Stoneridge Creek runs February through January.

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