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Supported Living Services & Community Day Supports
In our Supported Living Services and Community Day Supports programs, assist people, one-on-one, to live in their own homes, make choices about how they live, and have fun in their communities. May provide personal care and assist with wheelchair transfers. Opportunities to work weekdays, weekends, evenings, and overnights. Full or part-time.

Independent Living Services
In our Independent Living Services program, work one-on-one with clients in their homes and communities to help them maximize their independence. Assist with community engagement, managing public benefits, health education, money management, meal preparation, and household tasks. Instructors drive their own vehicles. Full or part-time.

Employment Services
In our Employment Services program, provide on-the-job training, one on one, for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Assist them to learn job tasks, adapt to the work setting, and cultivate good working relations with supervisors and co-workers. Job Coaches drive their own vehicles to support people at work sites. Full-time.

Employee Benefits

EBI values our employees and the passion they bring every day to their work with individuals with disabilities. One way we do this is through the offering of a rich and dynamic benefits package. Employee benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • 403(b) retirement plan
  • Membership in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Commuter benefits
  • Counseling benefits
  • Financial coaching
  • Education Assistance Fund


Employee contributions and eligibility for certain benefits vary depending on part-time or full-time status.

Career Opportunities



“Working for EBI for the last four years has been an absolute pleasure. During my time here, I have been able to grow both personally and professionally. EBI has given me the opportunity to work with and support some of the most phenomenal people. Being able to serve adults with disabilities allowed me to strengthen my organizational and critical thinking skills as well as encouraged me to practice cultural humility while providing compassionate and exceptional support to those we serve. Due to the friendly and supportive work culture here at EBI, I knew that I was passionate about helping others and decided to pursue my Masters in Social Work. I am now a full-time student at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare. I continue to come back during the summer months to work for EBI because I love this agency so much! They are very supportive of their employees and treat all of our clients with respect and dignity. East Bay Innovations is the epitome of what an ILS agency should be.”

– Alexis Stuckey, ILS Instructor

“I have worked for EBI for 7 years. I am grateful to be part of an organization that shares my values on respecting the humanity of not only the wonderful community we serve, but also the humanity of those who serve. I am fulfilled as what I give is generously received by my clients and my fellow workers.”

– Nini Schouborg, SLS Community Living Assistant

“East Bay Innovations has become like a second family, always willing and ready to assist, instruct, and educate its employees. I have grown tremendously in the field of social work over the last two years and credit my advancements to the ongoing education and guidance we receive at East Bay Innovations.”

– Melissa Martinez, ILS Specialist

“I just had my 13 year Anniversary with EBI. I can’t say enough about how supportive and amazing this organization is not just for people we serve but their employees! I could not work for a place that didn’t share my ideal of supporting folks to be as independent as possible and be out and involved with their community in whatever way they can. I have worked with 2 women long term as a Community Living Assistant and they are a part of my life. I have been witness to and supported them through many changes, and this is a huge gift.”

– Larz Hiltebeitel, SLS Community Living Assistant

“Working at EBI over the last five years has truly been a privilege. The supportive community dynamic of this organization helped shape me into the social worker that I am today, as I was able to see both the necessity and the impact of their mission to serve adults with disabilities in their pursuit of social and economic inclusion. The clients that I worked with, day in and day out, taught me what it looked like to value their inherent dignity, honor their self-determination, and respect the cultural diversity of human life. I will always be grateful for that. My time at EBI also helped advance my education, as it gave me valuable experience that enabled me to be accepted as an undergraduate at the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley. It was amazing to be able to study the field of social work and come to realize just how much EBI lives up to the values of the social work profession! All in all, EBI is an amazing community organization that I hope to be able to continue to work with for many years to come.”

– Paul Simpson, ILS Instructor

“My experiences of serving my community through EBI goes beyond ‘doing my job.’ Each day I am able to provide encouragement and love to those I serve. The rewards and challenges faced by staff and consumers connects us in a way that deepens our needs to display our love of humanity in all areas of our lives.”

– Nanita Strong, SES Job Coach

“Apart from the rewarding friendships I have formed with clients and co-workers this past year, my experiences in this position have been tremendously valuable during the medical school application cycle. In every medical school interview, people were interested in my work in the day program. The job gave me a unique perspective on healthcare as it pertains to disabled adults.

I think I am more comfortable around patients’ bodies than many of my peers, and I am grateful that as a future healthcare provider I’ll have awareness of disability rights and familiarity with the complex medical needs of a diverse patient base.

Working in a program like CDS would be great for people thinking about a career in medicine, physical therapy, or nursing, or who are interested in adaptive communication, adaptive sports, or disability rights activism. I cannot overstate how lucky I feel to have been a part of the CDS team!”

– Molly Kastner, CDS Community Living Assistant (and future doctor!)

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