We empower individuals withdisabilities to live in their own homes, work in jobs of their choosing, and be a part of their community.

The services we provide

The people we serve direct their EBI services as much as they can. We help people strive for independence when possible, and we provide assistance when independence is not possible. We believe in services that are flexible and change over time as people change.

Our Services

We strive to understand each person's hopes and aspirations as well as their needs for support.

About Us

Working together

Supported Employment connects businesses with a valuable, largely untapped workforce. This free service impacts a company’s bottom line, utilizing interview support and on-the-job coaching to achieve lower turnover and improved customer loyalty. Supported Employment partnerships have resulted in more than 170,000 individuals with disabilities entering the workforce, as well as significant employer savings on the cost of recruiting, training, and ongoing job support.

How we help your business



Jeanna’s Route to a Career in Child Care

This video includes a conversation with Jeanna and her parents, Barbara and John, about Jeanna’s route to becoming a Preschool Teacher Associate more than a decade ago.

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