Supported Living

Supported Living serves clients with developmental disabilities who have up to 24 hour daily support needs the chance to be able to live independently in their own homes.

Our staff assists clients with all their basic living activities needed to safely live on their own, including providing personal care and overnight support.

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Independent Living

Independent Living serves clients with developmental disabilities who wish to live on their own but do not need daily support.

Our staff provide assistance to learn basic living skills, including grocery shopping, planning a meal, making a budget, balancing a checkbook, addressing chronic health issues, and dealing with social security and other disability resources and benefits.

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Employment Services

Employment Services assists clients with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain employment.

Our staff assist clients to learn about career options and market their skills and abilities to employers. Once employment is secured, we provide one-on-one training to help them learn their job.  

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Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH offers clients the opportunity to develop valuable and transferable work skills through an internship training program hosted by a large employer.

Currently, EBI operates three year-long Project SEARCH programs in hospitality and office administration.

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Community Day Supports

Community Day Supports is a community based day service operating in the Berkeley area where individuals with developmental disabilities and higher support needs receive individualized support to participate in variety of activities.

Our staff support individuals to participate in activities such as adaptive communication instruction, physical therapies, independent living skills instruction, art classes, movement/dance classes and fitness activities.

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Transitional Care/Case Management

Transitional Care/Case Management makes it possible for people with disabilities who receive Medi-Cal to transition from nursing facilities back into their own homes.

Our staff provide case management, search for affordable housing, assist clients access the In-Home Supportive Services program, assist in training personal attendants, and identify needed healthcare professionals in the community.

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LifeTrust Care (LTC)

LifeTrust Care (LTC) is a collaborative of three Bay Area nonprofit organizations with extensive expertise providing services to individuals with disabilities and seniors: East Bay Innovations, Integrated Community Services, and Bayberry Inc. LTC staff provide tailored support to meet each client’s unique needs, increase stability, and improve their quality of life.

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Getting Started with EBI

People considered to have a developmental disability by the State of California may be eligible for EBI’s Supported Living, Independent Living, Supported Employment Services, and/or Community Day Supports. To establish eligibility, call the Regional Center of the East Bay for more information. If you are already a client of the Regional Center, you can request that your case manager contact EBI to make a referral. To be referred to Transitional Care/Case Management (TCCM), your nursing facility should contact the TCCM team.

Frequently Asked Questions