Independent Living

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Independent Living Services (ILS) provide support to people with developmental disabilities who wish to live on their own. To be a match for ILS, people need to be able to demonstrate an ability to recognize and respond to emergencies independently.

Teaching and support services focus on the areas that each person needs and wants to live well on their own.We provide education and support in the following areas:

  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Household maintenance
  • Scheduling and attending medical and dental appointments
  • Finding affordable and safe housing
  • Finding compatible roommates
  • Utilizing public transportation


Independent Living Services also provide:

  • Assistance with public benefit issues (SSI, Social Security, MediCal, and MediCare)
  • Assistance in finding medical, dental, and (if needed) mental health providers

Typically, ILS offers up to a maximum of nine hours per week of teaching and support when a person first moves into their own home. Service hours decrease over time as the person grows towards independence.

More Information:

For more information about EBI’s Independent Living Services,
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You must be a client of the Regional Center to be eligible for Independent Living Services.