Moving Forward: Fall 2017

For low-income Alameda County residents living in skilled nursing facilities, and individuals who are homeless and have chronic health conditions, one of the greatest barriers to living successfully in the community is the lack of affordable housing. And for many, the need for a physically accessible home compounds their housing prospects even further.

This dismal outlook is about to change for the older adults EBI is working with who are preparing to move into 30 senior housing units at “808 A. St.” in Hayward. An elderly woman in a long-term care facility who was evicted from her apartment while in a coma; stroke survivors who are unable to return to inaccessible apartments because they are now wheelchair users; and, people living on the streets or in cars with HIV diagnoses, are just a few examples of individuals who will be moving upon completion of construction.

EBI’s collaboration with Meta Housing Corporation – a housing developer, and Libertana – a home health agency, is resulting in a model of housing and care at 808 A. St. eligible for a combination of federal, state, and local subsidies and services.  Affordable rent and the availability of in-home care will make it possible for EBI clients residing there to receive the support they need to live in the community.

There’s another component that makes this model unique. EBI identified clients who’d completed job training internships, were currently seeking jobs, and who expressed a desire to be employed as caregivers. Working closely with staff, five clients are now participating in a multi-part training series addressing the basics of in-home services and emergency preparedness, attending trainings offered by the Public Authority, reviewing written training materials, and applying to Libertana to be hired as care providers at 808 A. St.

In housing and employment, individuals with disabilities are motivated to move forward. EBI is committed to innovatively creating strategies to make that possible.