Coming Home

Please take a minute to read about Angelique and Glenn. See what it means to be able to move into your own home after living in a skilled nursing facility. You'll understand why your generosity is so important.

Meet Angelique.
At 34 years old she was living in a nursing facility. Blind for five years as a result of diabetes and experiencing related health problems, Angelique had been unable to care for herself.  
But she was eager to return to the community and worked closely with EBI to make this happen. 
Do you see that key in Angelique's hand? Two weeks ago, with a plan in place to make sure she receives the ongoing assistance she needs, she moved into her own apartment. Next? Back to school to earn a degree in psychology!
Meet Glenn.
For 15 years, Glenn lived on the streets, addicted to heroin and methamphetamine.
When he was hospitalized for a medical crisis, he finally accepted help, and recovered in a skilled nursing facility. 

Two years later, free of drugs and with the will to succeed, Glenn was ready to leave the nursing facility. Working with EBI, he embraced a plan for housing and services that allowed him to safely transition back into the community. 

Today, for the first time in years, Glenn is living in his own apartment.  With access to the care he needs and the support of his close family, it's good to be home!


Like Angelique and Glenn, EBI has assisted many individuals to leave institutions and live in the community. But we're now faced with a threat of reduced Medicaid funding for community-based services.
EBI is committed to moving forward, despite these unpredictable times, to ensure that community-based resources are available to individuals with disabilities. 
Your generosity helps make this possible. Your contributions change lives.
Please consider making a donation today.
Thank you,
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