Supported Employment Services

"Starting a career with a focus on learning to be a successful employee."

Supported Employment Services assist people with developmental disabilities to become successfully employed in businesses in the community. EBI helps people identify the type of employment they desire and then networks with local employers to develop a match. Once hired, EBI provides one on one on-the-job training and support to assist the person to be successful in their work.

EBI provides an array of services to help the person served to successfully learn and maintain their job. These services include:

» Assistance in learning public transportation
» Resume writing
» Interview preparation
» Assistance in understanding Social Security work incentives

Even after the individual is working independently, EBI continues to follow-up with the employee and employer to ensure continued success.

One of EBI's newer program components, Project SEARCH, is a pathway to Supported Employment, providing intensive training and internships for individuals with developmental disabilities.

For more information about EBI’s Employment Services,
call Lori Kotsonas at 510-618-1580 ext 15.

You must be a client of the Regional Center to be eligible for Employment Services.