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 20 Reasons to Give to EBI!

Because You…

1. Admire how EBI encourages individuals to spread their wings.

2. Want more jobseekers to be employed and you know EBI can make it happen.

3. Are impressed by EBI’s respect for the personal choices individuals make.

4. Never thought anyone would advocate for your family member as intensely as you until you met EBI staff.

5. Love to watch the growing confidence of people EBI works with.

6. Hope to see more adults with disabilities living on their own and you know about EBI’s track record in this area.

7. Want to honor a particular EBI employee with a donation in their name.

8. Value the way EBI encourages employers to give jobseekers with disabilities a chance.

9. Appreciate EBI’s being there when your loved one needs help communicating with medical professionals.

10. Feel confident donating to an agency with a dynamic past and promising future.

11. Are relieved that EBI is there to navigate public benefits — SSI, SSDI, MediCal, etc.

12. Value the unwavering dedication and commitment of EBI staff.

13. Couldn’t imagine your family member’s life without you and now you feel more secure thinking about it.

14. Want to say “Congratulations, EBI, on your 20th Anniversary!”

15. Can’t begin to describe the impact EBI has had on your family member’s life.

16. Are amazed that EBI has secured affordable housing for 85% of clients living on their own.

17. Can be sure that your gift will add to the well-being of individuals with disabilities.

18. Appreciate all EBI has accomplished during its first 20 years and you want to support it going forward.

19. Realize there’s more to be done for people with disabilities and trust EBI’s commitment to making it happen.

20. Know that EBI couldn’t do it all without your support!

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