A Glimpse of Aging with a Disability

Please take a minute to read about Cindy and Donald. You’ll get a glimpse of what aging with a disability means for some of the individuals EBI works with and a better understanding of why your generosity is so important during this time of political uncertainty.

16831841_10154925190245120_1052860936746470973_nCindy lives with housemates in the community, and has been receiving services from EBI for almost 20 years. Now, aging with cerebral palsy is affecting her ability to walk unassisted, and at 62, her medical and personal care needs are dramatically increasing.

When Donald began receiving services from EBI over two16832267_10154925190240120_7084337868082989489_n
decades ago, he was using a wheelchair and had limited movement in one hand. Today, his mobility is decreasing, his support needs are growing, and his desire to live independently in the community is unwavering.

Like Cindy and Donald, many EBI consumers in their 50’s and 60’s are beginning to require more care. We’ve provided services to them during much of their adult lives, and we want to offer the support they need as they grow older. Unfortunately, we may face funding cuts for
even current levels of community-based services if threats to Medicaid (MediCal) become reality.

We’re hoping you’ll consider making a donation to EBI today at


(For a short time only, donations up to $1,000 will be matched by a generous donor.) Thank you

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