Board of Directors

Jennifer Steneberg

Jennifer’s personal and professional commitment to advocating for persons with disabilities has been ongoing, and she has spent much of her adult life working in the area of disability rights. Prior to her current job as an attorney, Jennifer practiced disability civil rights law, where she represented persons with disabilities in their fight to end discrimination. In her pre-legal professional life, Jennifer spent fourteen years serving as a Congressional aide to George Miller, focusing on disability-related policy issues. Jennifer is a generous supporter of EBI, and volunteers her time, expertise, and energy in her role as President on the board of directors of EBI. Her long commitment to EBI, as a family member of a client, passionate advocate, and knowledgeable professional, make her a valued, highly respected member of EBI’s board of directors.

Mary Lou Breslin

Mary Lou has been a disability rights law and policy advocate for over thirty–five years. In 1979 she co–founded the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), a leading national disability rights law and policy center, and presently serves as senior policy advisor with DREDF, directing the organization’s special projects. During her career she has served as a policy consultant, trainer and lecturer on disability and related civil rights topics. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the prestigious Henry B. Betts award in 2002 for improving the lives of people with disabilities and the community leadership award from the San Francisco Foundation. She has also done extensive work improving healthcare access for people with disabilities. It is this expertise and passion that makes her invaluable as Vice President of EBI’s board.

Cathy Nielsen

Cathy brings extensive knowledge, resourcefulness and commitment to EBI. In the recent past, she worked as a teacher for the Oakland Unified Adult and Career Education Program and at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland Project SEARCH internship training program. Before that, she was a case manager for the Regional Center of the East Bay and a Director of an Integrated Work Program in San Francisco. Cathy also worked as a Transition Specialist for the San Francisco Unified School District and a Career and Technical Education Consultant for the Regional Occupations Program of Alameda Unified School District. Her vast knowledge of the education system and vocational programs for transition-age youth make Cathy a natural fit and much valued member of EBI’s board. She has been an ongoing, generous supporter of EBI since its inception, and she is proud to serve on the board of EBI in order to augment and bring awareness to what she describes as “the wonderful services that EBI offers.”

Gina Gourley

Gina worked for 25 years in Special Education in the Pleasanton Unified School District, spending thirteen of those years as the WorkAbility/Transition Coordinator. She is the mother of 3 children, 2 who received special education services, one of whom was a consumer of Regional Center of the East Bay. She is often a guest speaker on the topic of transition at the Alameda County Transition Information Fair, the Pleasanton Transition Night, the Down Syndrome Conference, and Ramping Up for Independence. Gina serves on the Alameda County Developmental Disabilities Council and the Tri-Valley Network Group and is the REACH Tenant Chairperson. Gina became involved with EBI because she found EBI’s mission to be the same as hers: focusing on ability rather than disability. Her passion in retirement is helping parents navigate the confusing world of transition and advocating for services for persons with disabilities. She is currently serving as Secretary and her generosity, knowledge, breadth and depth of experience make her a much-appreciated member of EBI’s board of directors.

Bryon MacDonald

Bryon is founder and Program Director of the Employment and Disability Benefits Initiative at the World Institute on Disability. The program supports public policy education activities and provides multi-media information services on health, benefits, paid work and disability for civilians and veterans. A member of the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) since 1996, he has chaired NCIL’s Employment/Social Security Subcommittee since 1997. From 2000-2004, he participated as a member of the Social Security Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel, an appointment made by President Clinton. He is also the founder of CA DB101, a website often used by EBI staff, consumers and families. Bryon became involved with EBI early on, having worked with Tom Heinz in the 1980s on supported employment. His history in the field of disability makes him an important contributor to EBI’s board of directors.

Karl Mueller

Karl first heard about EBI when he was preparing for his high school graduation in the Fremont Unified School District, and a staff member recommended EBI’s employment services to him. As an individual with a developmental disability, Karl decided to take advantage of the services EBI provides, and with EBI’s help, found a job upon graduating in 2000. He’s held a few positions over the years at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Target and Safeway, with job coaching from EBI along the way. Karl is now an office assistant at Prologis, a commercial property company. In addition to paid employment, Karl was also an active volunteer at a youth empowerment program for three years, where he was a mentor to young people with developmental disabilities. Karl believes in not only donating money, but also donating time to a worthy cause. He currently serves as a member of the Finance Committee at EBI. He chooses to be on the board of directors because he wants to give back to the organization that helped him. Karl enjoys being able to give his perspective on Board decisions, and is an instrumental voice for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Gareth DeCuir

Gareth first became involved with EBI when his wife, an EBI client, suggested it to him. He soon began receiving Independent Living Services through EBI. A few years ago, Tom Heinz approached Gareth, and asked him to be a part of the EBI board of directors. Gareth believes in giving back to his community and he appreciates the atmosphere and goals of EBI. Believing that EBI provides a useful, needed service to community members with disabilities, he gladly joined the EBI board. Gareth uses his experience as an EBI client to help the board make decisions that further EBI’s goals.

Ed Tywoniak

Ed is the Associate Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication at Saint Mary’s College of California where he has served on the faculty in the School of Liberal Arts for over 30 years. He also holds the position of Faculty Fellow for Curriculum and Technology, and is Senior Research Fellow and Director of the W.M. Keck Digital Culture Research Lab. His expertise in communication, media and technology is a wonderful contribution to the Development Committee of EBI, where he serves as a board member.

Renee Beck

Renee has worked at the City of San Ramon for the last nine years, and is currently serving as the City Clerk. She became involved with EBI when looking into services for her son, Brian. After participating in Project SEARCH, Brian was placed in a job in Berkeley. It is Renee’s gratitude for the programs and opportunities that EBI has provided Brian that made her want to be a part of EBI’s board and an active member of EBI’s Development Committee. Renee has seen how successful and valuable EBI’s programs are, and she is a passionate supporter. Her resourcefulness, extensive experience, and commitment make her a wonderful new addition to EBI’s board of directors.